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Carrier Tape
Carrier Tape

According to the purpose of Carrier Tape, it can be divided into: IC dedicated, transistor dedicated carrier tape, chip LED dedicated carrier tape, chip inductor dedicated carrier tape, comprehensive SMD carrier tape, chip capacitor dedicated carrier tape, and SMT connector dedicated Wait.

According to the material of the carrier tape, it can be divided into: PS carrier tape, ABS carrier tape, PET carrier tape, PC carrier tape, HIPS carrier tape, PE carrier tape, etc.

Carrier tape production equipment: equipment is also called carrier tape forming machine. At present, there are mainly two types of carrier tape forming machines: roller type and flat type. The difference between the two lies in the different molding molds.

Carrier Tape production materials: PS, ABS, PET, PC, HIPS, PE and other plastic materials, special requirements can be made of metal.