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Electronic component carrier tape
Electronic component carrier tape

Electronic component carrier tapeIt was produced and developed with the surface mount technology (SMT) of electronic components. In the last century, the emergence of surface mount technology has caused great changes in electronic products. At present, the vast majority of printed circuit boards have adopted this low-cost, high-productivity, and reduced-volume production technology for printed circuit boards more or less.

Surface mount technology is widely adopted, which has promoted the development of surface mount components. The original jack components have been gradually replaced by surface mount components. In addition, people's small size and multi-function requirements for mobile phones, computers and other electronic products have promoted the development of surface mount components towards high integration and miniaturization. Surface mount components need a tape carrier system in production, transportation, packaging and other links. On the one hand, it plays a protective role for electronic components. On the other hand, it arranges the electronic components in an orderly manner to facilitate their placement on the surface mount machine. High-speed automatic packaging is carried out on the above, so from the consideration of protection, economy, capacity, etc., the carrier tape system has considerable advantages.

Carrier tape details features:

1. Strong toughness and precise size

Strong toughness, not easy to break the belt,

Not easy to deform, bearing pressure up to 1300g

The carrier tape accuracy can reach ±0.05mm,

2. Use raw materials to produce

Raw material production without adding foreign waste

Environmentally safe, non-toxic and tasteless

3. Wide matching of upper belt

Adapt to various preservation and processing environments

Stable quality, good match with most cover tapes on the market

4. Wide application range

Used for packaging various electronic components, used with cover tape to form a closed package, used to protect electronic components from pollution and damage during transportation, and facilitate automated production on assembly lines