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The main considerations when packaging electronic components are as follows?

With the rapid development of the electronics industry today, it will be an inevitable trend for modern enterprises to produce smaller and more sophisticated electronic products. Electronic components will also be more refined and smaller, as an important and indispensable downstream industry in the electronics industry , The carrier tape of electronic components will also follow the changing trend of electronic components, and produce more refined and smaller SMD carrier tapes to dominate the entire market. Related companies in the carrier tape industry should promptly respond to the use of small tapes in the next few years. The main market, and the precision requirements will be higher. Changing production methods, upgrading and replacing machines will be a necessary guarantee for business continuity.

The main factors to be considered when the shielding cover is packaged with carrier tape The main factors to be considered when the shielding cover is packaged with carrier tape:

1. The ratio of chip area to package area is as close to 1:1 as possible to improve packaging efficiency

2. The pins should be as short as possible to reduce delay, and the distance between pins should be as far as possible to ensure that they do not interfere with each other and improve performance

3. Based on heat dissipation requirements, the thinner the package, the better. As an important part of the computer, the performance of the CPU directly affects the overall performance of the computer.

And the last step of Zui in the CPU manufacturing process is also the key step is the packaging technology of the CPU. CPUs with different packaging technologies have a large gap in performance.

Only high-quality packaging technology can produce perfect CPU products.

The shield carrier tape refers to the plastic carrier widely used in the packaging of SMT electronic components such as ICs, resistors, inductors, capacitors, connectors, LEDs, fuses, switches, relays, connectors, oscillators, diodes, and triodes.

Types of shield carrier tape: According to the purpose of the carrier tape, it can be divided into: IC dedicated carrier tape, transistor dedicated carrier tape, chip LED dedicated carrier tape, chip inductor dedicated carrier tape, integrated SMD carrier tape, chip capacitor dedicated Carrier tapes and special carrier tapes for SMT connectors can be divided into PS carrier tapes, ABS carrier tapes, PET carrier tapes, PC carrier tapes, HIPS carrier tapes, PE carrier tapes, etc. according to the material of the carrier tapes.