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What is a heat-sealed top tape?

Heat-sealing top tape refers to a belt-shaped product used in the field of electronic packaging. It is used in conjunction with carrier tape. The top cover tape is usually based on polyester or polypropylene film, and is laminated or coated with different functional layers Antistatic layer, adhesive layer, etc.), can be sealed on the surface of the carrier tape under external force or heating to form a closed space to protect the electronic components in the carrier tape pocket.

The use of heat sealing tape:

The heat-seal tape is mainly used in the electronic component mounting industry. It is used with a carrier tape (carrying tape) to load and store electronic components such as resistors, capacitors, transistors, diodes, etc. in the pockets of the carrier tape. The cover tape is sealed on the top of the pocket formed by the carrier tape to form a closed package. Protect electronic components from pollution and damage during transportation. When the electronic components are mounted, the cover tape is peeled off, and the automatic mounting equipment uses the precise positioning of the index hole of the carrier tape to take out the components in the pocket one by one, and place them on the integrated circuit board (PCB board). .

The cover tape on the market mainly controls the peeling force through the adhesive force of the adhesive, but the adhesive force will be different when the same adhesive is used with carrier tapes with different surface materials, and the adhesive force of the adhesive is in different temperature environments. It will also change under aging conditions, and sometimes there will be residual glue pollution during peeling. In order to solve these specific problems, a new type of universal cover tape is introduced on the market, which no longer depends on the adhesion of the glue to control the peel , But cut two deep grooves on the base film of the cover tape through precise machining

When peeling off, the heat-sealed top tape is torn along the groove. The peeling force has nothing to do with the adhesive force of the glue. It is only affected by the depth of the groove and the mechanical strength of the film to ensure the stability of the peeling force.

In addition, since only the middle part of the cover tape is peeled off when peeling off, and the two sides of the cover tape are still stuck on the sealing line of the carrier tape, it also effectively reduces the pollution of the equipment and components by the residual glue and debris.