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Why is IC carrier tape a special "container"?

The term IC carrier sounds very big, and my friends must think it is far away from us. In fact, it is closely related to our lives. IC carrier tape is the key material for the installation of display driver chips for TVs, computers, notebooks, and mobile phones.

IC carrier tape refers to a tape-shaped product used in the field of electronic packaging. It has a specific thickness and is equidistantly distributed in its length direction with holes for holding electronic components and positioning holes for index positioning .

IC carrier tape is mainly used in the electronic component mounting industry. It is used in conjunction with the cover tape to store electronic components such as resistors, capacitors, transistors, diodes, etc. in the pockets of the carrier tape, and seal the cover tape on the top of the carrier tape. The method forms a closed package, which helps protect the electronic components from contamination and damage during transportation. Therefore, the chip carrier tape is a special "container".

Depending on the size of the electronic components carried by the package, the carrier tape is also divided into different widths. Common widths are 8mm, 12mm, 16mm, 24mm, 32mm, 44m, 56mm, etc. With the rapid development of today’s electronics industry, it will be an inevitable trend for modern companies to produce smaller and more sophisticated electronic products. Chips will also be more refined and smaller, as an indispensable downstream industry in the electronics industry—— The carrier tape will also follow the trend of changing electronic components and develop in the direction of precision accordingly.

So what function does IC carrier tape have in chip application?

Main function 1: Electronic components used and carried by the cover tape. Used in the operation of electronic components SMT plug-in, the electronic components are stored in the carrier tape package, and the carrier tape cover tape forms a package to protect the electronic components from pollution and impact. When the electronic components are plug-in operations, the cover tape is torn off, and the SMT device takes out the components in the carrier tape in sequence through the precise positioning of the positioning holes of the carrier tape, and installs them on the integrated circuit board to form a complete circuit system.

Main function 2: In order to protect electronic components from being damaged by static electricity. Some precision electronic components have clear requirements for the antistatic level of the carrier tape. According to the different antistatic levels, the carrier tape can be divided into three types: conductive type, antistatic type and insulating type.

The IC carrier tape provides services for the chip, so that the chip is correctly placed in the slot. The carrier tape is the support of the chip and the connecting lead between the chip and the surrounding circuits. In recent years, with the development of large-size and high-definition LCD panels, the market's demand for ultra-fine circuit chip carrier tape has continued to grow rapidly.