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Take you to understand the three major functions of electronic component carrier tape

Electronic component carrier tapeIt is a very common carrier tape in the packaging carriers of electronic components. The materials used to produce stamping carrier tapes are: PS, ABS, PET, PC, HIPS, PE and other plastic materials. Dongguan Xinghang Precision Factory is an enterprise specializing in the production and sales of various packaging carrier tapes. As we all know, stamping carrier tape can only be used to package smaller components due to its thickness limitation.

Next, the Dongguan Xinghang carrier tape manufacturer will introduce you to the three major functions of stamping carrier tape.

Function 1: Electronic component carrier tape also needs to be used with cover tape to carry electronic components. Stamping carrier tape is mainly used in electronic component SMT plug-in packaging. Stamping carrier tape cooperates with cover tape to form packaging to protect electronic components from pollution and impact.

When the electronic components are taken out, the cover tape will be peeled off. The SMT equipment uses the precise positioning of the positioning holes of the stamping part carrier tape to take out the components in the stamping part carrier tape one by one and install them on the integrated circuit board to form a complete circuit system .

Function 2: To protect electronic components from being damaged by static electricity. Some precision electronic components have clear requirements for the antistatic level of the stamping parts carrier tape. According to different levels of antistatic, stamping parts carrier tape can be divided into three types: conductive type, antistatic type (static dissipative type) and insulating type.

Function 3: Easy to carry, guaranteed efficiency, product model, quantity length, electrical protection, carrying and conveying, and packaging functions.

What accessories are included on the electronic component carrier tape packaging?

SMD packaging stamping parts carrier tape:

Material: PS, PET, PC

Specifications: 8mm, 12mm, 16mm, 24mm, 32mm, 44mm, 56mm, 72mm

Color: black, transparent

The products are used in the packaging of SMD electronic components such as IC, LED, connectors, transformers, inductors, capacitors, switches, shields, hardware, and vibrations.

Cover tape for stamping parts carrier tape packaging:

Material: PET

Specification: heat sealing (transparent, foggy) 300M/R, self-adhesive (transparent, brown) 200M/R

The width of the upper tape corresponds to the corresponding specifications of the carrier tape of the stamping parts

Plastic disc:

Material: PS

Specifications: Disc diameter 7” (180mm), 13” (330mm), 15” (380mm)

Axis width corresponds to stamping parts carrier tape with corresponding specifications

Color: blue, white, black

The above are the three major functions of the electronic component carrier tape. Xinghang Precision collected the detailed content for everyone. If you have any questions, you can contact the customer service of this site. The staff will contact you in time when they see the information, and look forward to your Cooperation!