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Why is the E value of the chip inductor carrier tape small?

The direction of the punching die is not in place.Chip inductance loadIt is a simple display of the poor condition in the production of the belt. If the punching die is shifted, it means that the punching die and the slide rail are not in a parallel line, which simply causes the E value of the carrier tape to be too small; if the punching die direction is too far back, it is not attached to the punching die, and the punching needle is driven beside the carrier The E value of the carrier tape is too small. Therefore, the direction of the punching die should be grasped in place.

Under the condition that the carrier tape is not provided on the punching die head, the direction change of the punching die head or the change of the fixed plate of the punching needle are caused by the inability to adjust the processing technology, which causes the E value to be too small. The side tension crushes the material boundary and produces a convex edge of the material. When the material enters the stamping die, the bulging direction makes the material unable to approach the stamping die, resulting in a small E value of the carrier tape. Safety hazards such as shrinkage of the carrier tape or material bumps are also likely to cause the E value of the carrier tape to be too small. If waste enters the guide groove of the stamping die, it will cause the direction of the stamping die guide groove to be damaged, which will simply cause the E value of the carrier tape to be too small.

SMD inductance carrier tape is used as a part of packaging electronic parts. In addition, the cooperation of the plastic tray and the upper tape is required to carry out the packaging of electronic parts. In the whole process of packaging, the carrier tape is the protagonist of automation technology, but without the cooperation of the upper tape and the plastic tray, it is also groundless. The carrier tape bears the load-bearing electronic parts to ensure that the precision and maintenance of the electronic parts are not injured. The upper tape is to seal the carrier tape to avoid the electronic parts from falling from the carrier tape. The rubber disc bears the responsibility of the packaged carrier tape. Material preparation posture. And in the automation technology production line to cooperate with the application of smt placement machine. Since people invented and invented carrier tapes, everyone has been working diligently on how to reduce the application of human resources, how to accelerate the rate of production and manufacturing, and to supply a large amount of electronic equipment to everyone.

Antistatic is critical for carrier tape and electronic packaging. The pros and cons of antistatic countermeasures will immediately harm the actual effect of the packaging of electronic components. For antistatic carrier tape and ic carrier tape, some preservatives with moisture absorption must be added, mainly to reduce the resistors of the carrier tape and ic carrier tape. This kind of antistatic agent has very good moisture absorption and reduction of surface resistance. The main component of antistatic agent is epoxy resin. Anti-static carrier tape and IC carrier tape are not easy to dissolve or mold during processing. The effect of antistatic agents is to digest and absorb moisture in the air, produce plastic films, leak electronic devices, and improve smoothness. It is very important for the carrier tape to do a good job of antistatic carrier tape and integrated circuit chip carrier tape.

The above explanation is the reason for the low E value of the carrier tape. I hope it will be helpful to you after reading it. If you want to know more about the carrier tape, please contact customer service online or call our company’s service hotline. (Upper right corner of the website) For consultation, we will be happy to provide you with quality service!