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How to solve the anti-static problem of chip inductor carrier tape packaging products?

SMD inductive carrier tape packaging exists as a way of packaging electronic devices. Therefore, not many people in China have conducted natural environmental testing on carrier tape packaged goods at this stage, and it can be said that they have very little knowledge. According to Star Airlines' control of the carrier tape manufacturing industry, in China, it is generally felt that carrier tape packaging products are only used as microelectronic technology packaging, but according to SGS, most of them are normal. However, there are no professionals to trace and improve the basis for the harm caused by packaged goods that can cause changes in different natural environments.

This manufacturing industry should release an environmental monitoring plan as soon as possible for packaged goods on a carrier tape, so as to facilitate the production of standard packaged goods on carrier tape, and also bear the responsibility for the quality of the packaged goods to the demander. According to the carrier tape packaging is a plastic high-temperature thermoformed product, the production and processing of Boling carrier tape itself has undergone a thermal melting shock and forming, the freight logistics of the packaged goods in China and all over the world, the delivery cycle time, natural environment and other factors, The temperature difference varies across the country. Therefore, the compactness and arrogance of carrier tape packaging products at different temperatures are different. As a result, carrier tapes must use different secret recipes in different natural environments to ensure product stability and avoid quality abnormalities caused by packaging products. This is also a serious and meticulous problem that must be considered in the carrier tape manufacturing industry today.

The antistatic problem of carrier tape packaging products. Electrostatic induction is a kind of electromagnetic energy that remains on the surface of an object. It is the result of the imbalance of positive and negative charges in some categories. It is generated by the transformation of electronic devices or positive ions. Static electricity is a general term for the electrical conditions caused by positive charges during the whole process of creating and declining. Such as friction electrification, body electrification and other conditions. Along with intelligent technology, static electricity has been widely used in a wide range of industries such as electrostatic powder spraying, electrostatic induction textiles, electrostatic induction screening, and electrostatic induction imaging. But on the other hand, the generation of static electricity can cause serious injuries and damages in many industries. For example, when carrying and packaging goods, once electrostatic induction is caused, all the packaged electronic equipment is destroyed.

If the raw materials of the carrier tape package are not properly selected, the electronic components will cause hard penetration or soft penetration (partial damage to the components), making them invalid or seriously endangering the credibility of the product. In order to manipulate and eliminate ESD, more developed regions such as the UK, Europe and Japan have formulated regional, military and product standards or requirements. There are relative requirements from the design plan, manufacturing, purchase, warehousing, testing, warehousing and logistics, installation, adjustment, semi-finished products processing and finished products packaging and transportation of electrostatic induction sensitive electronic devices. Manufacturing applications and management methods also have stricter management system regulations. In our country, military and product standards have also been formulated with reference to standards. For example, there are regulations such as the Ministry of Aerospace, the Ministry of Mechanical and Electrical and the Ministry of Petroleum.

The above explained is the antistatic problem of carrier tape packaging products. I hope it will be helpful to you after reading it. If you want to know more about carrier tape related information, please contact customer service online or call Xinghang Precision Service Hotline (upper right corner of the website) for consultation, we will be happy to provide you with quality service!