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Why does the connector carrier tape seal crack?

Connector carrier tapeIf the seal is cracked, this is purely unsuitable, and it will not stick even if you want to stick it. This is obvious. At first glance it doesn't fit. If it does not match, replace the upper belt immediately, which will not cause big losses and is easier to control and avoid. If the carrier tape is not tightly sealed, the carrier tape will adhere to the top tape, but it will not stick tightly. It can be opened with a slight lift. This one is similar to the first one. With a little attention, it can be discovered and replaced. In this case, the main reason is that the carrier tape and the top tape do not match and are not suitable. Due to increased sealing force or higher temperature, although it has a certain viscosity, it usually shows up quickly.

The connector carrier tape sealing crack may also be caused by too strong adhesion, too strong to be peeled and easy to break. The sealing of the carrier tape and the top tape is not an issue of adhesive strength, as long as it is suitable and the EIA specification specifies 20g-80g. However, it will be adjusted according to the sealing components in use. Specific decisions should be made in conjunction with the preferences of customers and downstream. In order to determine the multiple assembly viscosity of the seal, as long as there are no other four conditions, the "Carrier Tape Peel Tester" should be used to select the appropriate adhesion.

The carrier tape was sealed with plum blossom spots, and it was good at the beginning of the sealing, but after a while, a slight white spot appeared at the junction of the carrier tape and the upper tape. With the placement time, the white spots continue to increase, some white spots are connected together, and the seal is broken. This is dangerous, and some upper straps have also undergone aging tests. However, if the performance of the upper belt itself is unstable, the plum blossom point cracking will also occur. Customers are advised to seal up and sample the products before shipment, which will be safer.

Anti-static is important for carrier tape and electronic packaging. The quality of anti-static measures will directly affect the packaging effect of electronic components. For anti-static carrier tape and ic carrier tape, some additives with moisture absorption function need to be added, mainly to reduce the resistance of the carrier tape and ic carrier tape. This antistatic agent has good moisture absorption and reduction of surface resistance. The main component of antistatic agent is resin. Antistatic carrier tape and ic carrier tape will not decompose or deteriorate during the production process. The role of antistatic agents is to absorb moisture in the air, form a film, leak electrons, and increase smoothness. It is very important for the carrier tape to do the work of anti-static carrier tape and integrated circuit carrier tape.

The above explanation is the reason for the cracking of the connector carrier tape. I hope it will be helpful to you after reading it. Dongguan Xinghang Precision Electronic Packaging Co., Ltd. was established in 2002. It is a professional chip inductor carrier tape, IC Manufacturers of carrier tapes, heat-sealed top tapes, plastic trays, protective tapes, packaging products and SMD electronic components for valet sealing. Products are widely used in IC, LED, micro motors, capacitors, inductors, switches, hardware accessories and connectors; electronics industry: mobile phones, computer accessories and IT industry packaging.