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The main factors affecting IC carrier tape injection failure!

IdentificationIC carrier tapeThe basis of injection molding is the accuracy of the injection molded product, that is, the size, shape, and roughness of the finished product. There are a lot of relevant prerequisites for careful injection molding, and the four basic factors are plastic materials, injection molds, injection molding technology, and injection molding equipment.

When planning plastic products, engineering plastic materials should be selected, and engineering plastics that can be carefully injection molded must select those materials that have high mechanical properties, stable dimensions, poor creep resistance, and stress crack resistance. Secondly, a suitable injection molding machine should be selected according to the selected plastic materials, finished product dimensional accuracy, part weight, quality requirements and expected mold layout. In addition to the processing process, the main factors that affect the precision of the injection molded product are the accuracy of the mold, the shortening of the injection molding, and the temperature and humidity of the finished product.

In addition to IC carrier tape injection molding, the mold is one of the links to take out the plastic product that meets the requirements. The mold for carrier tape injection molding should actually meet the requirements of the size, accuracy and shape of the finished product. But even if the precision and size of the mold are the same, the theoretical size of the molded plastic product will shorten the quality gap without being equal. As a result, it is very important to control the reduction rate of plastic products in the careful injection molding technology.

The unfairness of the mold plan will indirectly affect the reduction rate of the plastic product, because the mold cavity size is determined by the size of the plastic product plus the budgeted reduction rate, and the reduction rate is recommended by the plastic manufacturer or the engineering plastics manual. A value within a scale, it is not only related to the gate situation of the mold, the gate position and the dispersion, but also the crystallization of engineering plastics (anisotropy), the shape and size of the plastic product, and the interval to the gate. And location related.

The main factors that affect the plastic shortening rate are thermal shortening, phase transition shortening, shortening of the back, shortening of the shrinkage and elastic recovery, etc., and those factors that affect the molding prerequisites or manipulation prerequisites of careful injection molding products.

Therefore, when planning the mold, it is necessary to consider those factors that affect the prerequisites of injection molding and their appearance factors, such as injection pressure, cavity pressure and filling speed, injection melt temperature, mold temperature, mold layout and gate situation Take the dispersion, and the influence of the gate cross-sectional area, the wall thickness of the finished product, the content of the reinforcing filler outside the plastic material, and the crystallinity of the plastic material. The effects of the above-mentioned factors are also not the same if the plastic materials are not the same, and other molding conditions such as temperature, humidity, continuous crystallization, internal stress after molding, and changes in the injection molding machine are not the same.

Because the injection process is a process of changing plastics from solid (powder or pellets) to liquid (melt) to solid (finished product). From pellets to melts, and then from melts to finished products, the temperature field, stress field, flow field and density field must be affected externally. The combination of these fields has a high effect, and there is no similar plastic (thermosetting or thermoplastic, Crystalline or non-crystalline, reinforced or unreinforced, etc.) have different polymer layout and rheological functions. Usually affect the above-mentioned&"field GG" fruit element will definitely affect the physical and mechanical function, size, shape, precision and appearance quality of the plastic finished product.

In that way, the technological factors and the function, layout and shape of the polymer and the connotation of the plastic product will be displayed through the plastic product. Analyzing and clarifying the connotation of those contacts is important for Gongdaotian formulating injection molding processes, planning and creating molds according to drawings, and even selecting injection molding processing equipment. Zhou Mi injection and ordinary injection are also differentiated in terms of injection pressure and injection speed. Zhou Mi injection often uses high-pressure or ultra-high-pressure injection and high-speed injection in order to obtain a smaller molding shortening rate.