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Dongguan Xinghang Precision Electronic Packaging Co., Ltd.

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Cover Tape
Cover Tape

Cover tapeThe upper cover tape, which is heat-sealed and covered on the carrier tape, is continuously formed to accommodate the recesses of the electronic components to form a closed space. The cover tape on the cover tape is generally a multilayer structure, which is made of polyester film (PET) as the base material, and then laminated with a thermoplastic resin layer after surface treatment such as corona discharge. When laminating a thermoplastic resin layer, an adhesive layer is generally required to bond the substrate layer and the subsequent thermoplastic resin layer. The adhesive layer generally uses polyurethane adhesive (AC agent for short). The AC agent coating needs to use ethyl acetate as a solvent. Although ethyl acetate is a low-toxic substance, it always pollutes the environment to a certain extent and is easy to remain in the finished product On; the AC agent layer is liquid when it is coated, so it needs to be dried before continuing the subsequent procedures, which will consume power.

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