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Self-adhesive tape
Self-adhesive tape

Self-adhesive tapeAlso known as cold press sealing film. The self-adhesive upper belt is not heated during processing and is not affected by the processing environment. It is more convenient to use and can be reused without pollution. It is widely used in the packaging of surface mount components such as ICs, capacitors, resistors, connectors, miniature transformers, inductors, electronic switches, diodes, triodes, crystals, etc., to meet the high-efficiency, fast, and miniaturization requirements of modern electronic product production. Suitable for all tapes, uniform density, consistent peeling strength, internal and external electron dissipation, anti-static function, imported materials are good quality and cheap. Material: Imported PET material.

Sealing conditions:

1. Xinghang Precision's self-adhesive upper tape with black material carrier tape, sealing pressure: 2kg-5kg; sealing speed: 30mm/s-50mm/s; sealing knife width: 0.5mm-0.6mm.

2. Tensile force range: According to the sealing conditions, it can be controlled within the range of EIA-481-2 international standard 30gf-100gf.

Packing: self-adhesive type 200 meters per roll

Product name: Heat-sealed cover tape/self-adhesive cover tape Material: PET

Product specifications: 9.3-81.5mm

Product length: 300m/roll

Color: Transparent/Milky White/Brown Thickness: 0.06±0.005mm

Type: Ordinary/Antistatic Shaft: 3 inches (76.5mm)

Environmental protection: EU ROHS environmental protection standard/Sony environmental protection standard

Application: Widely used in the tape sealing of electronic components such as IC, shrapnel, inductor, LED, switch, connector, shielding cover, etc.

Customized on demand, complete specifications