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Rotating plastic disc
Rotating plastic disc
Rotating plastic disc

Product name: Plastic disc Product material: PS/HIPS

Color: Blue/White/Black Outer diameter: 7 inches/13 inches/15 inches

Type: Ordinary / Anti-static Type: Rotary / Cassette / Siamese

Environmental protection: EU ROHS environmental protection standard/Sony environmental protection standard

Customized on demand, complete specifications

Application range: widely used in the packaging of electronic components such as IC, shrapnel, inductor, LED, switch, connector, shielding cover, etc.

Plastic discs are used to carry carrier tapes. Generally, they are used with carrier tapes and cover tapes. One of the three is indispensable.

Xinghang Precision has carrier tape reels stocks in Shenzhen, Dongguan, Huizhou, Guangzhou, Foshan, Jiangmen and other places. It can deliver various specifications of carrier tape reels to customers in a short time, and customers can take them on demand Convenient.

We are the source manufacturer of plastic discs. Integrate all production processes into one, forming a one-stop production structure.

Relevant materials are self-sufficient, no need to purchase, which greatly reduces production costs, so our price has a great advantage.